Meet Our Team

The Clio story

Boudoir loungewear inspired by couture and romance, but made for the woman of today, tomorrow and yesterday.
Luxuriously decadent, we’ve created a body of work, sexy but sweet, for any occasion - bachelorette, bridal, honeymoon, anniversaries or simply just celebrating you! we’ve got you covered….up to a point of course!
All our designs are handmade in the heart and hub of NYC using quality silks and laces which we transform into tantalizingly tasteful masterpieces.
Our collections are offered in a variety of sophisticated colorways giving our Clio girl more power to set her unique romantic tone.

Clio believes "Life should be exciting!" 

Meet our team

CEO & Design Director
Frances Smily


By age 5, Frances' family knew she would be a designer - on the day she walked downstairs in a red sweater and red plaid skirt, remarking "these reds don't match!" and went back upstairs to change.

As early as she can remember, fabrics, colors, and designs were Frances' passion. She was born into a family of artists and writers and raised in a chaotic bohemian environment, with a dash of good old fashioned manners thrown in for balance. As a child she watched, learned, and experimented. What works. What flatters. What excites. She studied the art and business of lingerie making from the ground up and has created best selling collections for over 20 years. She is known worldwide for her luxe lingerie creations "for all good, and bad girls" worn by celebrities and featured in editorials, TV and movies. 

A true global citizen, Frances is as comfortable on the streets of Paris, Florence and London as she is in NYC.  Her collections are created for the Urban Gypsy, a melting pot of luscious colors, eclectic laces and fabrics, all put together with a blend of the Romantic Bohemian, Urban Girl edge, Haute Hippie, with a dash of 1920's Vintage.

Frances believes she has the best job in the world and describes it simply, "my job is to make lingerie that women love to own, whether it is just one special piece or a dozen." . 

Located in the Nomad area of NYC, you have been feeling her design influence for over 20 years!